About Elizabeth
   Elizabeth Scott has been in the motivation and healing field for twenty five years. She is known to her clients and friends as therapist, artist, and one who cares deeply about her spiritual experiences in this life time. She says when she works with her clients, she wants to take their journey with them, helping them to be the emotionally strongest and the best they can be. Her artwork is a true expression of her: bold, painterly, and full of emotion and color.
    As a healer, she studies and uses all the colors of the energy centers. Red, for the root chakra, which heals family relationships and helps one stand on their own two feet. Orange, the color of the sacral center, gives birth to creativity, abundance and helps heal sexual issues. Many refer to it as the money belt, because it helps finances. Yellow, the solar plexus, is the color of confidence. It lets us know we belong in this life, and we are an important part of it. It gives you confidence to achieve your goals. Green, the heart center, gives us self love, and love of others and humanity. All healing comes through this center. Sky blue, the throat chakra, helps us voice ourselves, connect with our personal guides, and ask for what we need. Violet is the inner eye. It helps us, guides us, and gives us psychic information. It is a knowingness form within. Last is the crown chakra. It gives the translucent color of lite.
    When Elizabeth started painting again, she realized she was using the healing colors of these centers. Painting helps her work on her inner healings. Her paintings represent special times of her personal experiences, and the joy of capturing that feeling of being in the moment. Feeling, emotion and life is what her paintings are about. Elizabeth's clients say they just feel better when they enjoy her paintings in their homes. Everyone’s life is full of light and shadows, and we are all connected.